Trivedi Products

Trivedi Probiotics

In addition to the benefits good bacteria provides to the body’s digestive system and natural human microbiome, the Trivedi Probiotic line includes 4 probiotics, each with a different purpose: Trivedi Shakti, Trivedi Shanti, Trivedi Sehat and Trivedi Kamasutra. Trivedi Shakti helps to increase a person’s levels of energy, power, vitality and self-confidence. Trivedi Shanti ushers in calmness, peace and relaxation. Trivedi Sehat is designed for overall health and well-being. And lastly, Trivedi Kamasutra helps improve sexual magnetism, libido, potency and satisfaction.

Trivedi Probiotics extends and enhances the benefits compared to that of any other high quality probiotic. It has been found in scientific studies conducted at Bangalore Genei™, one of the world’s leading biotech research firms, that the beneficial bacteria in these probiotic products are excellent receivers and carriers of Mahendra Trivedi’s energy. Each capsule is infused with this highly potent and intelligent energy, providing benefits similar to those one receives during an Energy Transmission.

Trivedi Ginseng

Trivedi Ginseng brings all the benefits that traditional ginseng has to offer, along with the miraculous impact of The Trivedi Effect®. It has been reported to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental clarity and alertness, strengthen the immune system and the nervous system, reverse aging, decrease fatigue and enhance sexual drive and performance. People have even reported a variety of many more benefits.

Mahendra Trivedi states that ginseng is one of the best substances for storing the energy of The Trivedi Effect®. Studies on ginseng crops in the U.S. have validated The Trivedi Effect®’s impact on ginseng as researchers have discovered that these Energy Transmissions have a great impact that lead to significant improvements in both the quality and the potency of the crops.

Trivedi Water

The energy-infused Trivedi Water has been reported to bring numerous benefits also similar to those one may experience through an Energy Transmission by Mahendra Trivedi. Infused with the powerful energy, people have reported its miraculous effects and tremendous benefits. People have been purchasing Trivedi Water by the pallet and, in addition to drinking it, have been applying it to their skin and hair as well as feeding it to their plants and animals. Many have reported that the water infused with Mr. Trivedi’s energy made their wounds heal faster, improved the quality of their skin, made their hair grow faster, as well as boost their immune system, health and wellbeing in all areas of their life. Surprised, people have also found that the water made their plants flourish and gave more energy, vitality, health and happiness to their animals!

Dahryn Silver Gel™

Dahryn Silver Gel™ is formulated from silver nano-particles infused with Dahryn Trivedi’s Universal Feminine Energy and Mahendra Trivedi’s powerful transformational energy. It is an extraordinary product that can identify exactly what the skin requires and has exceptional abilities to deliver the perfect treatment to a wide range of skin needs. It has been reported to be beneficial to dry skin, oily skin, rough skin, wrinkles, blemishes, age spots, acne, sun damage, tone, texture or even scar tissue. It helps restore the natural beauty and sheen of the skin. As the silver nano-particles in Dahryn Silver Gel™ are such excellent conductors of the Universal Energy transmitted by Dahryn Trivedi and Mahendra Trivedi, people who have used it have also reported that they have experienced good quality sleep, increased calmness, more self-confidence and greater happiness.

Whatever your needs are, Trivedi Products™ seems to always have something for you. Even if your needs extend beyond probiotics, ginseng, water or skin care, you get much, much more than you bargained for.